Haunted Circus

October 31, 2016
October 14th - 31st, 2016 - Haunted Circus invites you to get spooked at Vancouver's Newest Haunted House Experience with over 2500 square feet of scary Halloween terror spread throughout the amazing Beaumont Studios in support of BC Women's Hospital.  

Join us at Beaumont Studios for some scary Halloween fun!

Love clowns? Hate clowns? How about clowns with chainsaws? The Circus is in town this Halloween Season! Haunted Circus is Vancouver's Newest Haunted House Experience with over 2500sqf. of scary Halloween terror spread throughout the amazing Beaumont Studios.  

Try and sneak through creepy corridors and rooms without attracting the attention of the ghouls and clowns that lurk behind every corner. Get trapped and you may just become the next patient in one of their ghastly experiments!


We're excited to see you there - ticket info, dates, times are all below!





Where: The Beaumont Studios - 316 West 5th Avenue Vancouver

When: October 14th - 31st

Sun-Wed    3:00pm - 10:00pm

Thurs-Sat   3:00pm - 12:00am

October 30 & 31st 12:00pm - 12:00am

(closed on Saturday, October 29 for an annual Halloween party)

From opening time until 6:00pm Haunted Circus will cater to families, raising the lights and lessening the scare factor.

Once 6:00pm rolls around and the lights go out then the clowns come out! Live actors will haunt the attraction and children under 12 will require a guardian to accompany them.

Get your tickets by clicking here!

Evening Admission (6PM) for 12 yrs. and up $10.00

Daytime Admission (3PM - 6PM) for 12 yrs. and up $5.00

General Admission for kids under 12 years old $5.00

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A message from Dario Giordani


In October 2015 my wife and I received the heartbreaking news that our baby's heart had stopped beating. It was devastating. There isn't a lot I can remember about the weeks that followed. Long walks hand in hand with my wife along the seawall, watching all the new parents with their beautiful babies as we passed by. I remember asking, "why us?", "what did we do wrong?", "is there something wrong with us?". We tore ourselves to pieces with questions over the following weeks but we made it through with the help, support and encouragement we received from the nurses and doctors at The BC Women's Pregnancy Loss Clinic. Four months later we lost our second.

My heart broke for my wife. I tried to stay strong for her and support her in any way that I could. Trying to keep her smiling at the little things and to help her find reasons to be thankful when all I wanted to do was breakdown myself. Finding things to be thankful for during that kind of heartache wasn't easy but I was thankful for my incredible wife, for her love and her strength. I was thankful she was healthy and that both of our miscarriages happened early enough in our pregnancies that the health risks to her were minimal. Although it was difficult to find things to be thankful for,  one thing I'll be forever grateful for is the women and men of the BC Women's Hospital. Without their knowledge, caring and support I don't know if we would be where we are today.

Going public with this now is a bit scary because to be honest with you, we haven't shared this with anyone except for our immediate families and only a handful of best friends. What we personally are hoping to achieve with this, besides hopefully raising a lot of money for the hospital, is that pregnancy loss becomes a topic women and their partners are not afraid to talk about; because the unfortunate truth is that 1 in every 3 pregnancies results in a miscarriage. There is an stigma within society that a miscarriage is something one should be ashamed about and shouldn't be discussed in public and that is completely unjustified. If we open up this conversation in our circle of friends and families, each one of us most likely know someone who went through this. We found ourselves surrounded by two close friends that experienced pregnancy losses as well and besides the incredible support from the nurses and doctors at BC Women's, the conversations with especially these friends gave us hope, strength and helped us transition back to our everyday lives. We will be forever grateful for their support and the support of the women and men of the BC Women's Hospital. So, one year after our first miscarriage, we asked ourselves what can we do to help, what can we do to give back and here we are today.

Dario Giordani

Presented by Dario Giordani and Mixed Media Events in partnership with the Beaumont Studios in support of the moms, babies and families cared for at BC Women's Hospital

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