Ben Lim - Chase the Setting Sun

July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016 Join us at Seymour Art Gallery for a reception honouring the life and beautiful work of artist Ben Lim.   Exhibit and sales will be from July 20 - August 13 2014.  

North Vancouver artist Ben Lim (1932-2016) began to work with clay seven years ago, after retiring from a successful career in graphic design. Lim quickly embraced his new creative outlet in ceramics and relished the challenges of creating in three dimensions. “I fell in love with clay,” he said. “I was surprised how quickly I was drawn in.”

With his popular animal sculptures, Lim was particularly interested in depicting their ‘personalities.’ His whimsical whales hint at the compelling balance between their great power and calm gentility, the regal grace of the crane is celebrated in his clean sculptures, and recent works showcase the fun-loving playfulness of the penguin. He carried his love for ceramics into printmaking, developing a unique method of printing from carved clay.

Chase the Setting Sun includes his recent ceramic sculptures, clay tablet prints, sketchbooks, and a collection of graphic design work. The exhibition also features an installation of ceramic birds, which were among the last pieces Lim made, and he passed away before they could be completed. They were recently glazed by his family, friends, studio colleagues, collectors, and the public in an artistic collaboration honouring his life and work.

Ben's generosity to his community lives on, and proceeds from the sale of his beautiful work will go to making the lives of moms, babies and their families healthy. 

If you would like to make a donation to honour Ben's memory please click here.

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