Savanna's Miracle Chocolates for Father's Day

March 10, 2016

Savanna’s Miracle Molds - A fundraiser named after a beautiful, healthy little girl who spent the first 6 weeks of her life in intensive care at BC Women's Newborn ICU

Savanna's Miracle Molds Chocolate Sales:

Delicious chocolates can be purchased through Michelle Austin by or on her facebook page!


Small Chocolate on a stick $1.50 each

Large Chocolate on a stick  $2.00 each


Inspired to raise funds for the BC Women’s Hospital during the lead up to Scotia Bank Charity Challenge Run, Michelle Mosely came up with the brilliant idea to make chocolate moustaches in time for Father’s Day.  Motivated by her success Michelle decided to continue with her venture expanding her chocolate stick collection to serve birthdays, Valentine’s Easter, Christmas and weddings.

Savanna’s Story

Although Savanna was a full-term baby, complications during labour and delivery put her fragile life at sudden and unexpected risk. Her shoulders got stuck (shoulder dystocia) during delivery, and she breathed in meconium fluid, threatening her newborn lungs. She was immediately whisked off to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

“We were told she was very sick and needed specialized critical care,” says her mom, Michelle. “We were in total shock.”

Within an hour, the Infant Transport Team arrived at the hospital to transfer Savanna, now clinging to life, to BC Women’s Hospital’s Newborn ICU.

“That first night we almost lost her,” says Michelle. “She had multi-organ failure and needed many blood transfusions.”

A CT scan also showed spots in Savanna’s brain, which doctors hoped would heal if they could stabilize her condition. To help that healing, she was placed on a ventilator and then put into an induced coma for over a week. Michelle didn't get to hold her baby for 10 agonizing days.

“After she was taken off the ventilator and could breathe on her own, she was slowly taken out of her coma and she opened her eyes,” says Michelle. “Every single day after that we saw improvement. We knew she would come home.”

Savanna was in the Newborn ICU for six weeks, where a team of top specialists helped her recover and ultimately return to her family.

“ We know that Savanna received the best care possible while at BC Women’s Hospital, and we would like to continue expressing our thankfulness by contributing with our ongoing fundraising,” says a grateful Michelle. “If we hadn’t had BC Women’s Newborn ICU and the amazing doctors and nurses, Savanna wouldn’t be here – running, singing and laughing.” Savanna will be turning three years old in July, and is doing amazingly well. We really feel she is our “miracle”.

Partial chocolate proceeds go to the Newborn ICU at BC Women's Hospital



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