Mike and Wendy's 50th Birthday Fundraiser in Support of the Milk Bank

June 18, 2016
Saturday, June 18, 2016 - Mike and Wendy's 50th birthday fundraiser raised $3,913.40, while guests enjoyed live music, dancing, and wine raffles - all in support of the BC Women's Milk Bank.








Each year in Canada, over 1600 preterm babies contract Necrotizing Enterocolitis, or NEC, a serious neonatal gastrointestinal disease where portions of the bowel undergo necrosis, or tissue death. This devastating disease has a 10-50% mortality rate, depending on severity. Of those babies who survive, 25% develop long-term sequelae.

Human milk, whether from mother or donation, has been shown to reduce the risk of NEC by 79%. However, because necrotizing enterocolitis primarily affects babies born prematurely, some mothers’ milk has not come in yet, or is limited in supply. Therefore, an important strategy to reduce the risk of NEC, and save babies’ lives, is to promote donations to your community breast milk bank.

The BC Provincial Milk Bank at Women’s Hospital is the community milk bank for ALL British Columbians. Unfortunately, many don’t know it exists and as a result, the milk bank is constantly short of funds, as it operates entirely on donations.

If you were unable to attend but would still like to support the BC Women's Provincial Milk Bank, you can donate here.


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