Endomarch for Endometriosis Awareness

April 6, 2016
May 7, 2016 - Join Catherine Birch, Vancouver's City Captain for Endometriosis Awareness on the first Endomarch walk in B.C.

Catherine Birch has been selected as Vancouver's City Captain for Endometriosis Awareness. Stepping into this new role with honor and commitment, Catherine has already arranged the inaugural “Endomarch” walk to raise awareness for the millions of women who suffer in silence from endometriosis.

About the Endomarch

Date: Saturday May 7, 2016

Time:  11am – 12:30pm

Location:  Bear Creek Park by the pool area, Surrey B.C CLICK HERE FOR MAP

Accessibility:  Wheelchair accessible

Catherine is asking everyone to come out and show support by wearing yellow to help spread awareness. “There is NO CURE for endometriosis - a chronic pelvic pain which at times is disabling”, says Catherine. “I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who comes to participate in this amazing cause, this might be yourself, or a supportive friend or family member.”


The first Endomarch walk in B.C will help to end the invisibility of this debilitating condition. “I'm just a small woman with a loud voice that’s ready to make a movement so I stepped up to break the silence in BC for those who suffer from endometriosis... no there isn't a cure, no we aren't weak, no we don't need sympathy, we need research, education, and understanding,” proclaims Catherine.

Proceeds from Endomarch will go towards BC Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis – the only truly interdisciplinary program in Canada for pelvic pain and the Endometriosis Network of Canada. Come out and show women suffering from endometriosis that they are not alone.

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