Join The Turners in supporting the Abundant Life Centre in Kajiado County, Kenya.

The Turners invite you to support the Abundant Life Centre, a Loreto Sister's Project in Kajiado County, Kenya.

About the Loreto Sisters

The Loreto Sisters are an international congregation of nuns who have worked tirelessly for over 400 years to enhance the dignity of women. Their mission is to serve the most vulnerable and forgotten women and children, primarily through education and awareness in schools.

Their current project “Termination of Female Genital Mutilation” or Stop FGM, has saved over 2,000 girls and women in the past 16 years.

They have given seminars and workshops to an average of 25,000 adult men, women, and school students each year for the past 16 years, along with publishing four books. They have also given Rite of Passage to over 10,000 girls entering adolescence.


About the Abundant Life Center

As a part of their Stop FGM Programme, the Loreto Sisters have almost completed the construction of a hostel complex in Kajiado County, Kenya called the Abundant Life Center.

This center will accommodate over 80 residents and will provide training to women, men, and school students on ways to prevent this practice and allow at risk women know how and where to turn for help.

The next phase is to construct a kitchen and dining hall. Their goal is to raise 20 million Kenya shillings (over $260,000) and Charleen Turner has sought out to help them reach that goal.

How you can help

Charleen invites you to support this dire need, and what has been referred to as the “silent killer of joy” for African women. With over 200 million survivors of this practice worldwide, and fewer than 10 centers in Kenya where women can turn, the Abundant Life Center will truly empower women and their communities.


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