Create Your Own Fundraising Website + Support a Great Cause.

A birthday, get-together, or special occasion could change someone's life for the better. It's an easy, fun and rewarding way to make a difference.

Here's how you get started


  • Create your website by clicking here  
  • Personalize your online fundraising website: with your own message, photos, and videos.
  • Reach out to your friends: Connect your website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to go viral. Email your friends and family directly from your campaign website.
  • Watch the donations come in: Track your progress towards your fundraising goal by checking into your campaign website.
  • Thank your supporters: Let each supporter know how much you appreciate their generosity by sending a personalized thank you message.
  • Congratulate yourself: When you reach your goal, celebrate your success with everyone who made it possible!

Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways you can raise money and awareness using your fundraising website.  Be creative and have fun!
  • Birthdays + Holidays: Family + friends can make a donation instead of buying a gift.
  • Your Big Day: Use your wedding, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, or another special occasion as an opportunity to help others.
  • Sports: Host a tournament for a good cause. Try softball, basketball, foosball, ping pong, bowling, walkathon, or organize a sports pool.
  • Parties + Events: Have a get-together and make admission by donation! Host a festival of your favourite movies or TV shows, a costume party, theme night or a dinner party. Get your workplace involved by having jeans day or pot luck.
  • In Honour: Start a website to honor someone special in your life.
  • In Memory: Create a memorial website to honor a loved one. The money you raise continues your loved one’s legacy by helping women and newborns get the high quality healthcare they need.

Create your fundraising website now!


Please contact  at 604-875-2262 and she'll be happy to assist you.