Safely Transporting Sick Babies: BC’s Infant Transport Team - Video

Minutes and seconds can mean the difference between life and death for premature and critically-ill babies in distress. 

It’s the job of British Columbia’s Infant Transport Team (ITT) to stabilize babies in emergencies and transport them to BC Women’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as quickly as possible from community hospitals throughout the province.

Watch the full video on CTV's website: Behind the scenes with the Infant Transport Team

The province’s “sickest of the sick” babies come to BC Women’s Hospital. Our Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides the highest level of specialized care available in the province.

Caring for fragile babies and operating specialized equipment requires highly qualified personnel. The Infant Transport Team of British Columbia Ambulance Service are elite paramedics providing emergency medical care to babies in transit.

Infant Transport Team helicopters and ambulances are specially designed and equipped to care for newborn babies in peril. Infant Transport air and ground vehicles need state-of-the-art equipment to provide critical life support en route to BC Women’s Neonatal ICU.

Infant Transport Team Photo Copyright British Columbia Ambulance Service


The most important piece equipment for babies in transit is the Infant Transport Incubator.

Infant Transport Incubators act like a miniature intensive care unit on wheels. This special incubator is equipped with a variety of life-sustaining and monitoring equipment built in, such as: oxygen supply; pulse oximeter; cardio-respiratory monitor; and IV pump.

Similarly to a regular incubator, this equipment keeps the baby warm, safe and comfortable. It also protects the baby from movement during travel.

At more than 10 years old, our Infant Transport Incubators must be replaced with new, reliable technology. With a brand new Infant Transport Incubator, parents can rest assured their baby is getting the best, safest care possible.

Help bring the province's sickest babies to the Newborn ICU

Whether a baby is transferred by ambulance or helicopter, their life depends on paramedics having access to the best, most advanced infant transport equipment available.

BC Women’s goal is to ensure the province’s sickest babies get to the Newborn ICU as safely and quickly as possible so the Hospital’s neonatal care specialists can provide these critically-ill newborns with the best care and treatment.

Your generous donation in support of an Infant Transport Incubator will touch the lives of families from all corners of British Columbia - from Queen Charlotte City to Creston. With this equipment, BC Women’s can ensure sick babies have the best chance for a strong and healthy life.

The Canucks for Kids Fund has generously donated $70,000 as a matching gift towards an Infant Transport Incubator.

Please to join Canucks for Kids Fund and help us reach our goal of raising $140,000 for a new Infant Transport Incubator to bring sick newborns to BC Women's Newborn ICU.

Please make a donation today in support of an Infant Transport Equipment for the Newborn ICU.