CTV Holiday - Hope Starts Here - Special 2015

This holiday season there's so much to be thankful for.  For the families who spent time waiting for their babies to recover in the BC Women's Newborn ICU there's special meaning in being home for the holidays.  On December 25 and on January 1 our friends at CTV will feature some updates on these beautiful babies.

For more about beautiful little Finnegan see this story published in women's magazine

See the full length story about the former NICU baby and very talented performer Seven Taviss!

Here is sweet little Avery, healthy and pink cheeked, at one year in women's magazine.

Here is beautiful Darius today - the little guy who had such a hard start to life who is now crawling, and thrilling his parents with each milestone!  

If you would like to help the babies who are spending this holiday season - their very first - in the Newborn ICU, please click here to make your gift.


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