Jessica's three beautiful baby boys!

Jessica’s journey with BC Woman's began early in her pregnancy, when she and her husband found out they were pregnant with triplets – “a huge shock, as they were naturally conceived.” She and her husband had been married less than a year and together for just over a year, and even though they were eager to start a family, it was both joyful and terrifying for them to learn they would soon be a family of five! 

Jessica was referred to the Maternal Fetal Medicine department at BC Woman's, and followed through her pregnancy. At 24 weeks she and Naim learned that the growth of “Baby A” (Nadeem) had slowed down significantly, and she was followed even more closely from this point on. Jessica was admitted to the Evergreen antepartum unit at 29 weeks and spent the duration of her pregnancy there. At 33 weeks, her final ultrasound showed that Nadeem's growth had slowed down to the point that physicians determined it was time to deliver her babies, and she was scheduled for an emergency C-section the next day, February 26, 2013 – a day she describes as “the scariest and best day of our lives.” There was a care team of over 20 doctors and nurses in the delivery room. Each baby had their own team of three NICU nurses and the head neonatologist present at their birth. Once delivered, the triplets were all whisked off to the NICU and Jessica was taken to recovery.

She and Naim spent the next three weeks with their boys in the NICU. “Miraculously none of them had any complications or health issues other than they needed to grow,” says Jessica, “but without the modern day medical equipment that was used to monitor them, feed them and protect them I would hate to think of what the outcome may have been.”

We spent every day in the Newborn ICU. It was a difficult time, since although the boys were healthy, she and Naim knew that when babies are born that small things can turn on a dime. Jessica would rotate between holding and feeding the three babies, and going to the pump room where she would pump her milk to feed them. “We loved being with them,” she says, “and it was very hard to leave them each night, even though we knew they were in the very best of hands.”

Jessica believes that holding all three boys, skin to skin, was important in their recovery. Each time she and her husband held the boys against their bare skin, they could see their response, and how soothing and healing it was to the boys. As the nurses explained to them, skin is the largest body organ, so it makes sense that this close contact could have a positive effect on their little boys’ health, and help them to thrive.  

“We will always have a very special place in our hearts for the doctors and nurses at BC Women’s, and especially in the NICU,” says Jessica. “They were caring and compassionate beyond belief, and even more importantly took care of our precious little boys when they were too small to come home. We will forever be indebted to the staff and forever grateful for all they did.”