Tax Facts

Tax Advantages for Your BC Women's Gift

When you give to BC Women's, you help save and improve the lives of thousands of women and their babies in this province.

Your gift is an act of warmth and compassion but did you know that it could also save you money?

Here are a few tax-related reasons to consider when making your next donation to BC Women's:

  • Your tax savings on donations up to $200 can total approximately 20 per cent of what you give when you factor in both federal and provincial incentive
  • When you donate more than $200, you enjoy savings of more than 40 per cent of the amount given
  • You can also benefit tax-wise if you give stocks, mutual funds and real estate. Click here for more information on this site on gifts of securities
  • Don't worry about exceeding the allowable amount of charitable donations in a given year - you can carry forward any excess charitable donations for up to five years
  • Making your donations on a monthly basis can help you budget more effectively and also gives BC Women's access to much-needed, consistent funding
  • Pooling your donations with your spouse or partner helps you to maximize your tax credits

The Canada Revenue Agency provides a wealth of information on the advantages of charitable giving. For more information, visit this page.