About the Hospital

BC Women’s Hospital has a provincial mandate to meet the healthcare needs of women + newborn babies.  The highest risk pregnancies and births are referred from around the province to BC Women's.

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Formerly Grace Maternity Hospital, BC Women’s has been caring for BC families since 1927. BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre was founded in 1994 when Grace merged with the former Shaughnessy Hospital’s Women’s Health Centre to provide women-centred care for women of all ages, and in all stages of life.


Maternity + Newborn Care

For more than 80 years, BC Women’s has been a leader in providing maternity and newborn health care.

Averaging 7,000 births annually, we are best known as one of Canada’s pre-eminent obstetrical centres. About 20% of British Columbia’s babies are born at BC Women’s.

When a pregnant woman or unborn baby is in peril, we are there to help. We act as the provincial referral centre, caring for women carrying the riskiest pregnancies. 

The province’s most critically ill and premature babies are cared for BC Women’s Newborn ICU. We are the only hospital in the province capable of caring for babies born as early as 23 weeks gestation – babies no bigger than the palm of a hand.


Women-Centred Care

BC Women’s also provides one-of-a-kind care to meet women’s specialized health needs throughout their lives. Our philosophy is women-centred care: we use our research and experience to develop unique programs and services just for women.

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Research conducted at BC Women's Hospital is saving lives.

BC Women's Research is devoted to improving women’s health in British Columbia and around the world.  Our community of researchers are global leaders in women’s health research:

• Leading the discovery of new ways to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV), and ultimately end cervical cancer.
• Understanding the impact of antiretroviral drugs on women and children with HIV and finding the right combination of drugs to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to baby.
• Improving knowledge about women’s reproductive health and family planning.
• Advocating for the health of women who are marginalized.
• Using evidence to make the healthcare system more effective for all women.

Teaching + Education

We train today and tomorrow’s doctors, midwives, nurses and other specialists to be the future leaders in maternity, newborn and specialized women’s health care.

We share formal affiliations with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and close working relationships with other postsecondary institutions. We are the hospital where students, medical residents and practicing health care providers gain the skills, knowledge and continuing education they need to deliver the best, safest care. At BC Women’s, we know improving women’s health depends on it.