Hospital Programs

BC Women's Hospital programs: dedicated exclusively to the health of women + newborns.

  • Access Clinic

    Access is the first clinic in Canada to provide education, diagnostic screening, treatment and advocacy for women with disabilities.   Visit the BC Women's Hospital Access Clinic.

  • Antepartum Program

    We are the only hospital in British Columbia with the experts, equipment, and facilities to help women with the most complicated and highest risk pregnancies.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Antepartum Program.

  • Birthing Program

    Our specialists, innovative research and the latest technology keep BC Women's at the forefront of maternity care. Women experiencing the  highest risk pregnancies in BC are cared for at BC Women's, and over 7,000 babies are born at BC Women’s annually.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Birthing Program.

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  • Breast Health Services

    Our expert team provides rapid diagnosis for women with abnormal mammograms or breast symptoms. The Sadie Diamond Breast Health Imaging Centre will give women the most advanced diagnostic imaging in digital mammography.  Click here to link to Breast Health Services.

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  • CARE Program

    The CARE Program at Women's provides Comprehensive Abortion and Reproductive Education Program for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy - focusing on women's emotional, social, and physical needs.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital CARE Program.

  • Centre of Excellence for Women's Health

    Since 1996, The BC Centre of Excellence’s has kept women’s health and wellness on the agenda for policy makers and clinicians.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Centre of Excellence for Women's Health.

  • Complex Chronic Diseases Clinic

    This new program will provide patient and symptom-centered care to women and men who suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Lyme disease and other complex chronic diseases. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Complex Chronic Diseases Program.


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  • Continence Clinic

    We provide the only in-hospital, non-profit program in BC where physiotherapists treat women with incontinence using non-surgical techniques.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Continence Clinic.

  • Diagnostic Ambulatory Program

    Women come to Women’s for prenatal ultrasound and other services to diagnose medical problems early in pregnancy.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Diagnostic Ambulatory Program.

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  • Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

    Caring and support during the trauma of miscarriage - providing diagnosis, care, privacy, counselling and follow-up.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic.

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  • Family Practice Maternity Service

    The Family Practice Maternity Service is a group of dedicated family doctors who are passionate about providing maternity care. They have joined together to offer their skills and services to childbearing women and their families. Their many years of experience and commitment to excellence mean that patients receive personalized, high quality care. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Family Practice Maternity Service.

  • Fir Square Combined Maternity Care Unit

    BC Women's created Canada’s first inpatient program treating pregnant substance addicted women and their babies.  The program helps women and their newborns stabilize and withdraw from substances, keeping mothers and babies together whenever possible and continuing to provide care from antepartum to postpartum and between hospital and community.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Fir Square Combined Maternity Care Unit.

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  • Heart Health Program for Women

    Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) is the leading cause of death for both men and women.  87% percent of heart disease can be prevented through assessment and lifestyle management.  The BC Women’s Heart Program for Women provides cardiac care for women who are at risk of developing heart disease.  Visit the BC Women's Heart Health Clinic.

  • Indigenous Women's Health Program.

    Providing health services to improve the health of aboriginal women and their families. Outreach services include Pap smear and mammography clinics, planning and facilitating culturally-sensitive resource materials, and forming women's groups to develop health programs in their communities. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Indigenous Women's Health Program.

  • Infant Transport Team (ITT)

    British Columbia’s Infant Transport Team stabilizes babies in emergencies and transports them to BC Women’s Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) from hospitals throughout province.

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  • Maternity Care for New Immigrants

    Maternity Care for New Immigrants Clinic was created to provide comprehensive maternity and primary care for pregnant immigrant women – from conception through delivery and postpartum – who would otherwise not have access to maternal/child care. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Maternity Care for New Immigrants Clinic.

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  • This provincial referral centre is committed to providing high quality genetic health care to residents of BC, while participating in and contributing actively to research and education in the field of Medical Genetics.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Provincial Medical Genetics Program.

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  • Midwifery Care

    Midwives are experts in normal childbearing, providing primary care to women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period. Their focus is on the optimum physical, emotional and psychological well-being of both mothers and their newborns. The midwifery model of care promotes the natural progression of labour and birth, and encourages the appropriate use of technology.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Midwifery Program.

  • Milk Bank

    Breast milk is shown to help premature and critically ill newborns avoid life threatening infections. The majority of premature babies, however, can't get milk from their own mothers. The BC Women's Provincial Milk Bank saves lives by providing the families of sick babies with pasteurized donor breast milk. Visit the BC Women's Provincial Milk Bank.

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  • Neonatal Follow-Up Program

    Babies born too soon, too small and very sick face a long road to recovery. However, that journey doesn’t end when they leave BC Women’s Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit.  

    The multidisciplinary team at the Neonatal Follow-Up Program monitors the progress of patients ranging from infants born at 25 weeks (or less) gestation to full-term babies born with serious complications.

    By regularly monitoring the children’s growth and development, they can make specific early intervention recommendations and therapy referrals to help address any potential long-term impairments their little patients might develop. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Neonatal Follow-Up Program.

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  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    With 60 tiny beds, BC Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit operates the largest, most specialized neonatal care centre in the province.  Babies from all over BC come to receive surgical and other specialized care that only BC Women’s has the expertise and facilities to provide.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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  • Newcomer Women’s Health Clinic

    This clinic provides health services to women who are new arrivals to Canada.  Services are provided by a nurse practitioner, and include but are not limited to; cervical cancer screening, breast screening, testing for sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive (birth control) counseling, and general women’s healthcare.  Visit the Newcomer Women's Health Clinic.

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  • Nurse Practitioner Community Clinics

    Women living in the inner city can face challenging barriers to accessing health care, including poverty, isolation, and stigma. Our Nurse Practitioner Community Clinics are out in the community to help at-risk women gain better access to primary care, such as screening for cancer, prevention advice and counseling. BC Women’s Nurse Practitioners provide a primary care clinic at Vancouver Women’s Health Collective headquarters near Hastings and Main. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Nurse Practitioner Community Clinics.

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  • Oak Tree Clinic

    We care for HIV-infected women, pregnant women, their partners and children. Our pioneering HIV/AIDS treatment for HIV+ pregnant women has resulted in BC having the lowest mother-to-baby HIV transmission rates in Canada - almost zero!  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Oak Tree Clinic.

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  • Pelvic pain and endometriosis affect approximately 500,000 Canadian women. This centre's mission is to alleviate the suffering of these women by addressing the unique complexities associated with these conditions and applying a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis.

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  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic

    Miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation. This occurs in 15-20% of all recognized pregnancies. We are here to help women and their partners who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss. Recurrent pregnancy loss is when a woman experienced 2 or more consecutive miscarriages. Women who have experience a single late miscarriage (greater than 10 weeks gestational age) will also be seen.

    The Clinic consists of a team of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, ultrasound technologists, and counselors who will support you through your investigation and treatment. Visit the BC Women's Hospital Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic.

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  • Research at BC Women's

    BC Women's supports research to advance knowledge and care for women, newborns and their families, both locally and globally. Visit Research at BC Women's for more information.

  • Sexual Assault Service

    Providing compassionate, individualized care to youth and adults - male, female or transgender who is 13 years or older and has experienced sexual assault within the last 7 days. All services are confidential and free of charge.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Sexual Assault Service.

  • Violence Against Women Program

    BC Women's provincially recognized program advocates for the health care and safety needs of women experiencing abuse.  Visit the BC Women's Hospital Violence Against Women services.