Why A Hospital Just For Women?

  • Comprising 52% of the population, women account for an enormous group of health-care users.
  • Women have a whole range of health issues related to their childbearing ability.
  • Health and medicine differ between men and women in many more areas than previously believed.
  • Physiologically, women's bodies react differently to treatment and medications, both when pregnant and when not.
  • They are more vulnerable to osteoporosis and suffer from different types of cancer.
  • Women smoke for different reasons than men.
  • Women experience addiction to drugs and alcohol in unique ways.
  • Women are more likely to experience major depression in their lifetimes.
  • The existence of a facility like Women's means women's health issues receive the attention they deserve.
  • Women's has the ability to attract the best health-care providers and researchers, and the mandate to act as a resource for women throughout the province.


Women's receives the bulk of its funding from the provincial government. Why Do We Need More Than Government Support?

  • Our current medical system, funded by our tax dollars, only pays for the basics in health care.
  • As medical research expands our knowledge and expertise, the cost of specialized health services increases beyond the basics.
  • Our growing and aging population causes health-care costs to increase annually.
  • To enhance the quality of our health-care system, we need to take some personal financial responsibility.
  • Without the support of the public, we will be unable to sustain our high level of service and grow to meet the increasing demand.