Look inside the Newborn ICU

When a baby is born too soon, too small or too sick to survive without help, BC Women's Newborn ICU is there to deliver the highest level of life-saving care.

Truly extraordinary: BC’s most tiny, fragile newborns are admitted to BC Women's Newborn ICU to receive critical care by exceptional nurses, doctors and specialists unavailable anywhere else in our province.


For most of our babies, the NICU is the only home they’ve ever known — with stays that range from days to many months. Members of our patients’ families are encouraged to visit, touch and hold them whenever possible.


Throughout the NICU, parents can be seen keeping quiet vigil at their babies' bedsides - feeding them, talking to them or simply cuddling them, sometimes with an older sibling at their side. 


At the entrance of NICU you’ll find a special wall. It’s covered with photos of children who are clearly thriving, along with thank you notes and stories from grateful parents who will always remember the people and place that made them better.


Please join us and help make a difference today.