Illuminations Luncheon with speaker Stephen Lewis

January 27, 2012


$140,000 Net Raised for BC Women’s Hospital.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors!

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laura(10 months ago)
why are mental health services in canada arbitrary?
why the hell is this pettyness going on in the 21st century as if its run by religious zealots! its not about religion anymore but its still about they feel they have a right to how you think and behave! THis goes against basic rights and freedoms and the people who do it should all just die and rot in whatever hell they came form ... or rather the living hell they inflict on others. no one has a right to anothers mind.. opinions both can and cant be explained. If forced its done in fear, on the deffencive and will always be twisted as all words can describe many ser=pearate things, at different times or at the same time, they make thing the way they see it. That meand their own perspectives judges weather or not a feelow citizen has all their rights taken from them even thugh the constitution says its none of their fucking business and rightfully so!

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