Give a Better Life, City-Wide Garage Sale

June 20, 2009

BC Women’s Foundation needs ventilators and incubators for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), each ventilator will save 450 babies! Problem is they cost about $65,000 each.

Better Life Coffee came up with this great idea: “We’ll have a Garage Sale and donate the proceeds to BC Women’s!” Then they thought...“why don’t we see if we can do one city-wide?” Wouldn’t that be great! You can raise money for the tiny newborns that need help, while getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t need anymore.

Call (604) 628-7051 to drop stuff off to the “Give a Better Life” Garage Sale, 4353 Capilano Road, North Vancouver or you can have it picked up!

Do you want to host a garage sale too?  Tell us about it! (604) 628-7051 We’ll help you twitter, blog and post as much as we can. Share this with everyone you know, together we can help the babies at BC Women’s.

Join Better Life Coffee and “Give a Better Life” by donating to the garage sale – or do a sale of your own!

More details at Spread the word!


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