Healthy women.  Healthy babies.  Healthy families.  This is the driving spirit behind every program, every equipment purchase and every act of care at BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre.  Please join our family of donors today.

BC Women's Newborn ICU

Visit the parents, doctors, nurses, and of course the tiny patients of BC Women's Newborn ICU!

Nordstrom Announces Beneficiaries for Pacific Centre Store Opening Gala

Nordstrom will be celebrating the opening of its Pacific Centre flagship store in Vancouver with a gala on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 with BC Women's Hospital as one of it's beneficiaries!

Order a Baby Tile

BC Women's Baby Tile program is a perfect way to show appreciation for a special baby in your life.  It's easy to order your baby tile, or to create a personalized fundraising page for your baby tile  which family and friends can visit and donate to. 

Create Your Own Fundraising Website

Your next birthday, get-together, or special occasion could change someone's life for the better. You have the power to help women and babies access world class healthcare.

Find out more, or start you own fundraising website for BC Women's! It's fun, easy and rewarding.


  • 溫哥華華裔小姐競選

    在過去的20年中, 溫哥華華裔小姐競選是由新時代電視舉辦的一年一度的代表性活動,在國際選美舞臺享負盛名,它培養和頌揚了多元化的才能和富有創造性的表現,並成為許多女孩實現夢想的平臺。今年,溫哥華華裔小姐慈善晚宴所籌善款將捐贈給卑詩省婦女醫院初生嬰兒加護病房。


  • Meet the familes and babies saved by the BC Women's Newborn ICU.

    Find out more, or  make a donation to the Newborn ICU.